Photographs from a Burnaby Condo Tower

Tall Tales

On November 1, 2014, I rented an apartment on the 10th floor of a 30 story tower in Burnaby, British Columbia. Because some numbers are unlucky, 4 and 13 to be specific, there are no floors labeled 4 or 13. So actually I'm on the 9th floor. From the balcony and a window in the study I can see most of the North Shore mountains, downtown Vancouver, the towers of Metropolis at Metrotown (a large shopping centre and several condominium towers in the western Burnaby), the Strait of Georgia, and Vancouver Island, weather permitting. The balcony provides an unending and ever changing view to photograph.

Usually the subjects of a photo would be the mountains, skylines, streets, and buildings. From the apartment, the subjects are the clouds, fog, rain, and sky; the features in a photograph that usually form the background. The clouds, fog, rain, and sky are endlessly changing. They seem infinitely variable, never the same from one minute to the next and never repeating.

The themes and colors that the clouds, fog, rain, and sky display vary with time of day, season of the year, smoke from forest fires, and weather. This e-document is a collection of photographs taken from the apartment over nearly a year: 15 February, 2015 - 11 February, 2016. Unlike the other ebooks, this one is an epub. Readers to open it are available on the web.

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