Tall Tales - A Collection of Short-Short Fiction

Tall Tales

This epub is a collection of short writings, nearly all of which are fiction. In other words, nearly all of them are lies. When I started writing after retirement, i knew a novel was way too much for me. It still is. It turned out even short stories were too big for me to stay focused. Somewhere along the way I discovered short-short stories and they worked for me. Although I cannot swear to it, Free Fall Fridays, writing sessions sponsored by the Alexandra Writers Centre Society, may have provided entry. Certainly, Free Fall Fridays were the highlight of my weeks for years and many of the stories started in a Free Fall Friday session. Thank you Free Fall.

Most of these stories are around 2000 words, some less. Regardless, some people seem to like them even if they are short. No matter, I find them fun to create. I hope you like them too.

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