Moss Covered Trees, Golden Ears Provincial Park,

Moss covered trees, part 2

The photographs in this collection were created with a new technique I learned: focus stacking. A set of photographs are taken with the camera focused at different distances from the lens. Each photograph of the set is focused at a different distance. The computer, really the computer program, removes all the parts of each image that are out of focus. The parts in focus are stacked into one image. If one takes enough images, then one gets a composite image with everything from near at hand to far away in focus. I found I was taking over 20 images of the same view.

One needs a still day, if outdoors, so that objects in the scene do not change position. Also, a tripod is needed to hold the camera in a fixed position for all the images. A cable release is a much used accessory in the process.

Having everything in focus enhances the haunting feeling I get when looking at photographs. I hope you find yourself equally touched by them.

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