Photo Essay about the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Essay

I attended a Geological Society of America Sectional Meeting in Flagstaff, Arizona in the spring of 2018. After the meeting, I spent a couple of days visiting the Grand Canyon. The driving time from Flagstaff to the Canyon is about an hour and a half. It's a pleasant drive through a geologically young volcanic field with volcanic cones and lava flows, past the large Volcanoes of the San Francisco Peaks, and across the surface of the Colorado Plateau.

There's no indication, geographic or geologic, that one is arriving at a wonder of the world until one arrives at the rim of the Canyon. I'm always awestruck by the Canyon's immensity, even though I've visited the Canyon several times.

This piece started as a collection of photographs but turned into a personal account of what I see and think when I look at the Grand Canyon.

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