With a Geological Twist



Optical Programs

From this page, you can download programs that implement many of the concepts described in the accompanying text. Several of the programs were written with Adobe's Animate package. The requirements for this package have changed with time. Consequently, there are two versions of each of the programs: one that runs under Microsoft Windows and one that runs under the Apple operating system. The Windows versions have an .exe extension whereas the Apple versions have an .app extension. I expect one or both of the versions will become obsolete in the near future. Please accept my apologies if (when) this happens. If I'm capable, I will try to fix the problems when (if) they occur but don't count on a quick fix.


Thank you for any understanding and patience you can spare.


Copyright and related matters:

© by J. Nicholls (2018) Although copyright is claimed for this work, you are free to copy, print, and give away copies. You can even sell copies if you can find someone to buy them. What you are not given permission to do is prevent others from doing the same thing, that is: others can also copy, print, give away, or sell copies. I would appreciate being acknowledged as the source. jim.nicholls@shaw.ca